Pilates with Zoe

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Here are a few things my lovely clients have said about my classes:

“Zoë is a brilliantly friendly and knowledgeable teacher. My reformer sessions have really challenged me and given me a much greater awareness of how you should move in Pilates and in general. A full body workout…I definitely work up a sweat!”

Lisa Davies

“I’d never really got what the big whoop was with pilates. The couple of times I’d tried it, I’d left the classes feeling rather underwhelmed and not feeling as if I’d worked out at all. I saw Zoë’s class advertised and thought I’d give pilates one last shot. I’m so glad I did. Zoë has this wonderful, energetic teaching style that’s coupled with a deep knowledge and passion for pilates. When you combine all of this you get a REALLY good teacher who not only motivates you but actually takes the time to explain properly how to do the positions so you really feel as if you’re achieving something. I started in her beginners class and have progressed through to her advanced class. I’ve seen such a change in my posture, my muscle tone, my suppleness and my general health.
I was so excited when she launched her PHIIT class – pilates and High Impact Interval Training. 30 minutes of fast paced pilates and boom, you’re done for the day. Love the classes, love Zoë, love the results.”

Georgie, 46

“Having been a little “exercise shy” most of my adult life I decide it was time to do something about it. I joined Zoë’s class and am now totally hooked. The studio is a fantastic place to spend an hour exercising and Zoë has the most wonderful teaching technique, ensuring you understand the point to each exercise whatever your level.”

Annie Caton

“I have known Zoë for nearly five years, both as a fellow professional and as one of her Clients.  Zoë is a gifted Pilates teacher, who combines an easy manner with a immense focus on maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence. She works from a purpose built studio in Claygate, providing broad-appeal maintenance classes as well as more specialist sessions for the over-65s and those needing rehabilitation after injuries.
Zoë keeps thoroughly up-to-date and is always looking for innovative additions to her repertoire that will enable her classes to be even more effective. It has been a privilege to work with Zoë, and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a very accomplished, effective and client-orientated Pilates teacher.”

Alison Walker-Smith MCSP, Chartered Physiotherapist

“I really enjoy attending Zoe’s Pilates classes. I always feel refreshed, awake and motivated after a class. Zoe is very attentive to everyone’s needs and takes time to talk through each exercise, taking care to adapt a movement for an individual if necessary.The classes are held in a small private studio which has a wonderfully calm and serene atmosphere. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Emma Warner