Pilates with Zoe

Summer Term 2017

Term Dates:
Spring term ends – Fri 24th March
Summer term commences – Mon 17th April (Easter Monday but if unable to attend please join another group that week)
Half term – Mon 29th May (1 week)
Summer term ends – Mon 10th July (an extra Monday to accommodate those unable to attend on the Bank holidays)

Attending 1 Pilates class a week: £143
Attending 2 Pilates classes a week: £265

Attending 1 PHIT class a week: £88
Attending 2 PHIT classes a week: £165
Attending 3 PHIT classes per week: £220

Attending 1 Pilates and 1 PHIT per week: £220
Attending 1 Pilates and 2 PHIT per week: £295

PHIT three times a week? just £20 per week!
PHIT class will now be running at 9am on Mon/Wed/Fri to accommodate several requests from clients who are hell bent on toning up for the Summer and wish to attend 3 times a week. As an extra incentive you can also attend Pilates on a drop in basis at £10 per week.  Please give me advanced warning when you are attending and always check my website to see when classes are running and to ensure you attend the appropriate class.

Bank details:
09 01 27

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