Core strong, Spines long, Smiles wide

Scooping from navel to spine 
Lengthening from tail to crown 
Smiling from ear to ear

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I have taught Pilates locally for 13 years and have a deep respect and compassion for my Clients. I benefit as much from seeing them each week as they do me, the process is entirely reciprocal.

I practise contemporary Pilates, respecting the principles of the method and playing around with flows.  
Together with my wonderful Clients, we have a lot of fun exploring new movement patterns that create lasting improved changes in the body. 

If you’re looking for a Home Folding Reformer I can recommend this Maple Folding Reformer from Yueyan Sports. Email Fanny Dai my direct contact for pricing and delivery. She's super helpful. New annual subscribers to the PWZ App will revieve £100 off the reformer package.

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Let’s have fun creating shapes together